Erin (juicy_ctr) wrote,

I started therapy. It's beyond awkward when My psychologist wants to speak with both my mom and I at once. I want nothing to do with her. I love her but I don't feel comfortable having her involved with my therapy. He also wants me to bring my boyfriend & other people who I'm close with in to be educated on bulimia and why it is that I act the way I do sometimes. He wants to come and I think he should but it makes me nervous. I still can't eat without binging. I'm not eating as much lately so I won't binge. I'm still so fat and prom is in less than a month. Very depressing.
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i had a mother meeting with my therapist... basically my therapist told her not to question me about food and that it makes it difficult to recover if she is monitoring me. Phew, it actually made things better.

Um, bring other people in... cringe. 2 of my friends know about my ed and it freaks them the fuck out.. it was a big mistake to tell them. If you want to see their long term reactions check my recent post.