Erin (juicy_ctr) wrote,

I ate a lot today .. about 1200 calories, but I'm so motivated. I'm going on a 2 day fast with that celebrity juice diet (a little embarrassing), and since i'm afraid ill gain it all back I'm going to keep on fasting and restricting for as long as it feels right. I need a jump start and hopefully this will be a perfect way for me to do it. Hopefully I'll see results and get motivated. I weigh 121, which is disgusting for my 5 foot 3 frame and i seriously need some help. My goal is to eventually be under 100 - 105. We'll see what happens.
A plan on achieving this by:
Working out 5-6 times a week
Only eating between 0-1200 calories a day, fluctuating how many cals I eat daily.
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